Tuesday, June 30, 2009

*Zombie*...Coffeeee... (or a lovely tea)

Its about noon here now, but I've been up since 8. (That alone is insanity. Its summer. I'm a high schooler... lol.) But I went to bed about 4 (normal for me), thus totaling at 4 hours of sleep. Why did I wake up so early with so little sleep, you may ask? Well, I'm still a bit stumped at that one myself... I just woke up. And although I'm still very sleepy, I guess my body understood the amount of work that I have to get done today. :/
Today's schedule: 3 pm- eye doctor, rest of the day- 1. get class work done (didnt do any yesterday, so I now have a build up of three classes today, and two tomorrow.) 2. clean, 3. attempt to get some new products loaded to the store, 4. sleep.
1 & 2 are going to require the most effort and time.
But anyway, yesterday, I spent the day out and about with my best friend (Kirsten Elizabeth) and my sister (Tringte). Total blast!

(Kirsten, the Red and Obnoxious.)

(Trintge, the Shy and Rarely Photographed.)

We left home about 4, shopped at a local shopping center (Turkey Creek, and no... there are sadly no turkies... or a creek for what I can tell.), ate at this new little frozen yogurt place (Menchies, A-MAZ-ING), went to a movie (Year One, pretty funny, a bit stupid... def. a Jack Black movie.), and finally came home about 11. Then we just relaxed, watched some tv, and talked. Overall, a very lovely day.

Anyway, Menchies. Is. Heaven. In. Your. Mouth. Seriously. I'd look it up and see if you have one near you... because its such a wonderful place. And as the photographs above demonstrate my fellow companions' love for the place, let me further expound by a close up of the delightful treat itself...

Oh, and the perfect end to it all: a fantastic breakfast cooked by my sister. I finally got some caffeine... but I'll admit the tea was a bit weak... I need to invest in something a bit stronger.
(And yes, I happened to spill my tea down into the pretty little plate... and didnt notice until after I took the picture! :P)

Alright, well, more photos, more words, more art later. For now, I'm off to get some work done! :D
Love to you, my little mittens.

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