Sunday, June 28, 2009

IF: Sam the Worn and Weary

Erm... When I said "after dinner" I meant "after dinner, class work, andddd Supernatural..." Lol.
But anyway, I just wanted to share Sam with you. (No, I didnt get his name from S.N.... Well, ok maybe I did. :P)

Sam traveled far and wide. Sam saw all the wonders of the world. Sam met lots of people. Same gathered lots of things. But in the end, Sam just wanted to go home. Sam just wanted his bed. His floor. His walls. His roof. His fireplace. His treasured chair and rug. And he wanted his books. And one night, after such a long time of traveling, Sam curled up in the heavens. "Moon," whispered the worn and weary traveler. "Will I ever make it home?" --The moon didnt answer, and Sam fell asleep.

(This is straight off the scanner...)

(This is the outcome after some tweaking on photoshop. Click on it for a larger image and lots of details. --Try not to laugh at my coloring outside of the lines... the Kindergartner in me is sleepy.)
(And this is a detailed shot of Sam.)

Well, g'night my sweets. Hopefully more work tomorrow. Sweet dreams.