Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

Happy birthday, America! And happy 4th to all of its beautiful citizens! How has everyone else been spending their 4th?
Me? Well, I woke up late (as usual... I mean, I'm 17 and its Summer time...), did some class work, worked on a new banner for my blog, store, and flickr, and drawing in general. My family has been getting ready for a camping trip, so we didnt do a picnic, or any of that. :/ But, I've had a pretty good day without any of that.
Tonight, our celebrations include: watching Supernatural! (<3) style="text-align: center;">Anyway, wanted to introduce some new characters to our family. (Maria and Max the Mittens.)
(And Mouse Peaches [ in honor of the newest member of the "Ice Age" cast... Adorable movie, btw.] )
And Mouse Peaches is part of the new "Farmland" Series I'm working on...

Well, have a wonderful night, my sweet mittens.

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