Friday, June 12, 2009

New babies!

I just uploaded my new babies... the Jolies Filles (Pretty Girls) French Dolls :]
Each one of them are unique and have sweet little personalities and are very eager to find new homes.
They are original handmade clothespin dolls. Their dresses and bows are handmade from vintage ribbon and fabric. Their arms are hand sculpted from clay, and they stand at 4.5" x 1.5" wide.

This is Cécile. She enjoys long walks through the woods, reading Shakespeare aloud, and drinking purple soda-pop.
This is Zoé. She enjoys writing short stories, reading the Classics, and dancing around to loud French Pop.

This is Olivie. She enjoys shopping with friends, singing in the shower, and eating double chocolate chip cookies.

This is Élise. She enjoys sad love songs, Saturday afternoons, and black and white films.

This is Sophie. She enjoys sleeping in late, photography, and telling jokes. Her dress and bow are both handmade from vintage ribbon and fabric.

This is Aimée. She enjoys long walks through the woods, reading Shakespeare aloud, and drinking purple soda-pop.

And this....

is my baby. Adèle. She's partial to Jones soda, bands like Bright Eyes, John Butler Trio, and Playradioplay. She also loves my puppy Curtis. :] We get along just swell.
Anyway, this past week, my family and I went to D.C. for a little visit. And we had lots of fun. We cracked on each other, fought over who got to use the bathroom first, and some people...(no names mentioned)... battled each other with obnoxious whale-like snores. Lol.
We went to some museums, shopped, drove around and looked at the lovely homes, walkedddddddddd (my feet hurt even thinking about all of that walking!), and generally had a great time. :]
I also got to take a look at the National Art Gal. but sadly, I didnt even get to look through the entire thing. :/ Next time for sure, though! :]
Well, I have to go study for my ACT some more...
G'night miluvs!


  1. they look great! congrats! and I absolutely feel with you about leave your sold creations... they're your children a little bit so close to your heart - but just think that when they grow up you have to unhand them :)

  2. :] Thanks! And they are completely your children! This new batch... well I'm not looking forward to sending them off, lol. But hey, I do love sharing them with others. Hopefully, they make their new owners as happy as they have me.