Saturday, June 13, 2009

Land of Wibbilo

Deep in the Land of Wibbilo,
where the little Wibbilo plays,
You'll find the enchanted neighborhood
where laughter n' giggles fill all the days!
(That little snippet was originally from Winnie the Pooh, but I reworded it to fit my own little land.) :]

Original acrylic on wood miniature painting. These have been glazed for protection and come complete with the miniature vintage easel. Measures a petite 3"x2".
Anyway, I feel like a little production line the last few days. Doll bodies painted, glazed, glued. Clay arms sculpted, painted, glazed, attached (so that they may move around). Dresses cut, assembled, attached. Etc. And today, two small little paintings.
My Summer art classes start in a few days and I'm pretty excited! EEEEk! But... I'll be so busy.
Hopefully I can keep it all together.
Oh, and I took my ACT today. :/ Sooo hard. Ugh.
G'night miluvs <3>

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