Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello, Goodbye.

Its always sad to see things I've made go. I put my time , my heart, and my love into my creations... and everytime I think about sending them away, I get a little sad. I finish something and I think... 'Oh, I like this... maybe I'll just keep this one..."
Instead, I package them up in pretty packaging and send them to new homes. Where I know they will be just as loved there as they were here.

And that thought makes it worth while.
Tomorrow, I'm shipping out my first order. Mitsy the Mouse and Penny the Penguin are leaving me to join their new owner. And they are very excited. Tonight, they'll spend one last evening with me, and in the morning, I'll bundle them up and send them on their way.
Wish them luck! :]

--- In other news, I've just finished uploading the Bookwormmies! Bessy and Belle are now looking for a home, so if you enjoy old inks, old paper, books, reading stories, and sweet little bookwormmies, then I encourage you to check them out the store.

Have a lovely night, my sweet little mittens.

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  1. The notebook is so pretty!!!
    you are a great illustrator