Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beene, Lood, Mouse William, and Mouse Wilber are pleased to meet you!

A fresh new batch of products just uploaded. Two little pin/ brooches and two new miniature paintings. And this is just what's going up tonight. Tomorrow (or sometime this week) I hope to get up book plates, more miniature paintings, and miniature clay sculpted objects made for either terrariums or stand alone figurines.
And next week…
Hopefully some stuffed dolls, more wooden ones, and paper dolls. :)
I'm going to be soooo busy with all of this, plus my four art classes, reorganizing my room, and reading for school.
Anyway, with out further delay...

This is Mouse William, the painter. He will follow you anywhere once you place him on your shirt, your jacket, your bag... or where ever else you put him. He tells sweet stories, and paints pretty little pictures. This is Mouse Wilber. He too will follow you where ever, and will keep you dry in rain or snow. He tells funny jokes and sweet stories and he, like Mouse William, is coated in glaze so to stay protected.
This is Lood. Lood is often found bouncing after butterflies... hopefully that one day he'll catch one. Or perhaps sprout wings of his own and join them...

This is Beene. He loves the Mushroom Fields and sitting and listening to birds chirp, bugs buzz, and the creek bubble.
All of these new little loves are looking for homes.
They are available for purchase at the store:
Meanwhile, its dinner time here... and after all of that work... I'm quite ravenous!
G'night miluvs.

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