Sunday, June 28, 2009

Its been awhile...

Sorry its been taking so long for me to update :/ I'm in the process of adapting to my new super-busy-schedule. But, after July 4th, it should slow down just a bit.
Anyway, I just started my online art classes earlier this week: Photography, Illustration, Graphic Design and Retail (How you connect to the consumer) and they have completely taken over my life. My clean room... cluttered with new supplies that I have yet to find a home for. My friends... are claiming that they've forgotten what I look like. My sleeping patterns... roll into bed about 2 a.m., fall asleep around 3 or 4... and wake up at 12-2 pm. Lol. (Whether the latter is because of my new classes or because I stay up late watching Harper's Island and Supernatural with my family... its up for debate, lol.)
But, add onto all of that... my computer died. :/ The screen went completely black and refused to be fixed. So, we bought my sister a new lap top and I got her old one. And me and this thing are going to be battling one another until Dec. 5th (my 18th birthday!) when I'll be getting a new Mac notebook! :D (I dream of being able to say "I'm a Mac. :]" Rather than "I'm a p.c. :/")
Anyway, I'll be uploading some pics of some projects I'm working on after dinner...
Love you all madly. :]

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