Thursday, July 16, 2009

Restart: Hi, I'm Zie.

I have a confession.

My real name isnt "Dauphine J. Poole". Its a name I made up because I got bored with my own. I came up with it on a trip to New Orleans I took with my family. There is a street named "Dauphine" and I loved it. And at this cemetery there was a tomb I loved that had the name "Poole" on it. So I smushed them together and threw in the "J".
Sadly, its become rather confusing to have "DJP" on my art for my store, and my real name on everything else (school work included). And some people have begun to think that my real name is copying me-- my pen name.
So I've decided to shed the pen name.
Now. This poses another problem. My last name has changed once already, and it will change again sometime soon. And then, when I get married (wayyyy down the road, lol.) It will change again. So. To avoid further confusion to me or anyone else on that front, I'll now be signing all of my art by my first name. Mackenzie. (For school.) Or Zie. (My nickname. For everything else.)

Sorry for any confusion! :/

<3 With love,

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